Experience when betting on UEFA Champions League (Part 2)

You can choose a sports newspaper or a reputable betting house, which is always updated with the latest and accurate information about the teams. It could be the starting line-up, the injured player, or the suspension due to the accumulation of two yellow cards that made the key talents unable to play in the next match.

Consider whether it reduces the team’s chances of winning, affecting how to adjust your bet accordingly. Stay tuned to the end so that no sudden changes will rob you of your win.

The results of the team’s domestic competition also affect the results of betting money

That team’s performance in domestic leagues is also important, because if they play poorly in a parallel tournament, the Champions League will no longer be a top priority. Even if they are in the top 3 of domestic leagues, you have to pay a little attention to their recent matches.

For example, a few days ago when they had just had a tough battle with a heavy opponent that consumed a lot of energy, it is very likely that in the short time the players can not recover in time to perform well in the upcoming Champions League.

And let’s not forget the exceptions, the big teams like Barcelona, ​​Manchester United, Chelsea and Bayern Munich are completely capable of playing enthusiastically until the end of the season of the big leagues going on in parallel.

The venue is a certain stadium, which is also a factor that governs the outcome of the match. Usually a team will be much more comfortable playing at home, because here they have the 12th player that is a passionate home supporter. In the Champions League, there are always fierce confrontation teams, “rivals”, who hate to be guests on the opponent’s court.

Especially for the cases where the fans have a hostile attitude, threatening a certain player. For example, when the player Luis Figo came to play on the Nou Camp after a transfer from Barcelona, ​​he was under great pressure to play because the fans criticized him. “Government” stadiums such as Old Trafford, Camp Nou or Anfield, the away team can hope for nothing more than a draw. Holding peace was a great comfort.