FIFA revealed the Top 10 Candidates to be the best player of the year (Part 2)

As for Ronaldo, despite being Juventus’ rookie last season, he has shown a high performance when he won the scudetto for the eighth time with the “Old Lady of Turin”. CR7 itself was also voted “Best Player of the Year Serie A season 2018/19” but he and Juve lost Ajax and Atalanta in the quarterfinals of the Champions League and the Italian National Cup.

Even so, Ronaldo was still able to shine for the Portuguese to win the UEFA Nations League (winning the Dutchman Van Dijk, De Ligt and De Jong in the final).

Unfortunate absences

Of the top 10 candidates selected by FIFA to compete for “The Best” this year, it is clear that there are no big stars such as Luka Modric, Antoine Griezmann, Neymar, Paul Pogba or Luis Suarez. But the most unfortunate of these are names like Allison Becker, Christian Eriksen, Son Heung Min, Sergio Aguero, Kevin De Bruyne and Bernardo Silva.

Stars are forgotten by FIFA at this year’s “The Best” award

Modric won the “The Best 2018” award but did not have a chance to defend this title this year when he and Real Madrid played last year.


Allison won the title of “Golden Gloves” for the best goalkeeper in all three major leagues, the Premier League, the Champions League last season (with Liverpool European champions) and this year’s Copa America (contributing to helping Brazil. home championship). Eriksen and Son Heung Min played brightly to help Tottenham into the Champions League final and finish the top four Premier League.

Bernardo Silva is the best player in the UEFA Nations League (helping Portugal to win), he also joined Aguero and De Bruyne to make a big contribution to help City successfully defend the English Premier League against a fierce pursuit. of Liverpool until the last round of last season.

The votes from fans will be one of the factors that determine the title. Besides the ballot from the coach and captain of the national team, the prestigious journalist worldwide.

The awards ceremony will officially take place in Milan on September 23.











Premier League 2019-2020 and things that worth waiting for (Part 1)

The 2019 Premier League is about to return after a long absence. This year’s tournament is very much anticipated by the World Football Association because the teams are preparing very carefully and thoroughly.
Will Liverpool overthrow Manchester City’s “dominance” in the new season?

Over the years, Man City has always been the top team in the Premier League. With a strong squad and a high-level coach, this team continues to reap success in every arena. Calculated, in the big football of English football, in the last season as Manchester United, Chelsea, Arsenal or Tottenham have signs of going down and not enough to shield Pep Guardiola’s army to fall horse. Only Liverpool is strong enough to compete against the championship with the green half of Manchester.
It is evident that there have been many times “The Kop” with the emergence of attacking stars like Mane, Salah or Roberto Firmino with a reasonable play style that has helped this team rise to the top and away.
However, in decisive turns, the “Merseyside Reds” dropped extremely important scores, which led them to see Man City crowned champion. Liverpool has also had a successful season winning the Champions League championship after years of waiting.
So, with an in-depth squad with a very reasonable playing style, the World Football Association is expecting this team to overthrow Man City’s “yoke” to help the Premier League regain its edge. his inherent paintings.
The return of Arsenal and MU
After an unsuccessful season, both Arsenal and MU are determined to return to the race to win the Premier League. Since ancient times, MU has always been considered a very strong team. However, since coach Alex Ferguson retired, this team has slipped without braking. However, since coach Ole Gunnar Solskjaer came to power, the team’s performance has increased significantly.







FIFA revealed the Top 10 Candidates to be the best player of the year (Part 1)

The World Football Federation (FIFA) has just announced 10 official candidates that will compete fiercely for becoming the owner of the title “FIFA The Best” this year. Ronaldo and Messi will have to be very wary that heavy opponents can overthrow them to win this noble award. In the previous season, this title belongs to Luka Modric.

According to FIFA’s announcement, the players in the top 10 are evaluated based on their achievements from July 16, 2018 to July 19, 2019.

Besides Messi, Ronaldo, who are the other candidates to the honorable award the best player of the year?

Recently, FIFA has announced 10 players will compete for “The Best” category of the best male players in 2019. That is Cristiano Ronaldo (Juventus / DT Portugal), Lionel Messi (Barcelona / Tel Argentina), Virgil Van Dijk (Liverpool / Tel Netherlands), Mohamed Salah (Liverpool / Egypt), Sadio Mane (Liverpool / Senegal), Kylian Mbappe (France PSG / France), Harry Kane (Tottenham / England), Frenkie de Jong (Barcelona / Netherlands), Matthijs de Ligt (Juventus / DT Netherlands) and Eden Hazard (Real Madrid / Belgium).

Clearly, with the brilliant performance of Liverpool winning the Champions League and winning the English Premier League runner-up last season, the star trio Van Dijk – Mane – Salah are the most serious competitors competing for the title.

Of these, Van Dijk was voted the “Premier League Player of the Year” by the Professional Players Association (PFA), while Mane and Salah and Aubameyang (Arsenal) shared the title “Scorer”. This tournament last season.

For Messi, he made a big contribution to helping Barcelona to win La Liga for the second year in a row, winning the title “Pichichi” (La Liga top scorer) and “European golden shoe” in the 2018/19 season but he and ” The Catalans giant “lost to Liverpool and Valencia in the Champions League semi-final and the King’s Cup final. For Argentina, Messi also showed a weak performance and only “Albiceleste” won third place at Copa America.













Critics of Copa America, Messi officially received a penalty

The American Football Association, yesterday, officially gave a penalty to Messi after voicing that Brazil was scheduled to win the Copa America.

Remember, after the match against Brazil in the Copa America semi-finals, Messi voiced the accusation of the referee’s mistakes and at the same time hinted that the organizers had arranged for the Brazilian host to become the champion.

Not only that, after the third-class match with Chile, Messi also confirmed that he received the red card as a result of the previous statement. “I don’t want to be part of this corruption. We should not be part of the disrespect that the entire team suffered during this tournament.”

Before the spokesman of Messi, the South American Football Federation affirmed that this is unacceptable because it affects the beautiful image that this organization is building over the years.

The South American Football Federation said: “In football, you have to accept winning, losing and accepting the problems of the match with unity and respect that are the foundation of fair-play spirit. Similar is the problem from the referee. People cannot be perfect.

Making such statements is disrespectful to the tournament, with all the players involved and hundreds of people of the South American Football Federation. The organization is working tirelessly for development. ”

The South American Football Federation officially gave a penalty to Messi. However, the surprise is that Messi’s punishment is much lighter than expected. Earlier, it was feared that El Pulga could be banned for 2 years because of the “no respect”.

However, the top South American football agency only decided to fine $ 1,500 with Messi. Besides, the player was also suspended for a 2022 World Cup qualifier because of the red card in the match against Chile.

Besides, the South American Football Federation also decided to withdraw Mr. Claudio Tapia (President of the Argentina Football Federation) from the position of South America’s official representative at FIFA. The reason was that this character had improper statements during the Copa America.