The UEFA Champions League

The Union of European Football Associations (UEFA) Champions League is a European elite competition that is played annually and teams from all over Europe dream of lifting this continental trophy. Teams that participate in the competition are selected through a qualifying system that is determined by UEFA depending on a team ranking and the performance of teams from various leagues in Europe during previous tournaments.

Due to the number of leagues and teams involved the champions league runs for entirely the whole year with the qualification stages being staged between June to September with the major games being played between September (group stages games) and May when the finals are staged. With the champions league being the elite European competition, finals are played at alternating venues within Europe which are chosen by UEFA.

Champions League Structure

This competition was formed in 1955 but later rebranded in 1992, with the winner of this competition getting automatic qualification for the UEFA Super Cup which sees the winner of the UEFA Cup battling it out with the winner of the Europa League which is the second tier of the European championship. The European Champions also get a ticket to participate in the Fifa Club World Cup competitions where continental football giants battle it out for the world football bragging rights. The Champions League group stage is organised in such a way that 32 teams from top European league playgroup match with each group having four teams. However, the preliminary stages may involve between 79-81 teams from around Europe.

Spanish team Real Madrid has won most of the titles totalling up to 13 titles while AC Milan which is an Italian club coming in second with seven titles while Liverpool closes the top three with six titles, the sixth being the 2018-2019 title where they beat Tottenham in an all English final.