Ronaldo helped Juventus win against Genoa

Cristiano Ronaldo scored a penalty in the fifth minute of extra time, helping Juventus beat Genoa 2-1 in round 10 of Serie A on October 30.

If Juventus does not win against Genoa, Ronaldo is still the focus of the match. The Portuguese striker missed many delicious opportunities in the match that Juventus played more than the people from 51 minutes to 87 minutes. In the second half, Ronaldo sometimes stood still on the field because he was too disappointed with the finish of the game. yourself. Even so, he still affirmed the value of a star in the last minute of extra time.

After the goal missed goal, Ronaldo still calm enough to make a difference in the remaining few minutes. Receiving the ball in the box, the Juventus star swung the ball in the opposite direction of the defender’s opponent. Ronaldo fell right after being hit by the Genoa defender, bringing a penalty for the home team. From a distance of 11 meters, he made no mistakes, setting the victory for Juventus.

The opening goal was not enough to help Juventus finish the first half with a lead. Genoa equalized in 41 minutes thanks to the lucky phase of striker Kouame. The ball from his right foot smashed to the left and went into the net against Juventus while goalkeeper Gianluigi Buffon missed the momentum.

Referee Antonio Giua is famously strict in Italy, and he showed it at the beginning of the second half. In a non-dangerous situation in the middle of the pitch, Genoa midfielder Cassata pulled Paulo Dybala’s shirt slightly. Mr. Giua immediately drew a second yellow card and then a red card, kicking Cassata off the field in the 51st minute. Since then, Juventus has been constantly firing the visitors’ goal.

After the Lecce 1-1 draw in the previous round, Juventus faced the risk of losing a second match in a row when Adrien Rabiot also received the second yellow card to leave the field in the 87th minute. But when the hope of victory seemed to be off, Ronaldo scored the fifth goal in eight matches this season, bringing the 2-1 victory to the top of the Serie A table for Juventus. After 10 rounds, the Turin team has 26 points, one more than Inter.