Top the most prestigious football events (Part 2)

Here we continue to share top the best football events in the world for your reference. If you are a football fan, you shouldn’t miss the following ranking because we collect data from voting and comments of many walks of fans.

2, Confederations Cup

This league has been launched since 2005 then it plays an important role as a vital forerunner of the biggest football festival- the FIFA World Cup.

This tournament is held in the same country hosting of the World Cup season. However, it should be organized earlier than one year as if the vital part of careful preparation of the host team as well practice and exchange experience among several teams who are the right to go the FIFA World Cup.

In general, this is a good chance for the host team to prepare and improve experience to organize the best festival for the next year.

3, FA Cup

Although the FA Cup is the UK domestic competition, it is highly appreciated by any expert and football fan in the world. Because it expresses profession and high-class about football.

It was firstly established in 1871 then it received positive feedback from domestic clubs, therefore it is continued to organize until now. It is considered as the oldest competition about football in the world.

It has been ever called as the home of football due to profession and the number of fans globally.

It collects top the best team from the Premier League and top 5 tiers of the FA National league, then it is organized annually. Someone says FA Cup is the best environment to cause “giant killings” for international footballs.

Through this competition, all top domestic clubs have a good chance to improve their experience before joining to continent competitions.