Top the most prestigious football events (Part 3)

If you are a fan of football, you are interested in some international competitions at the nation and club rankings. Through these events, you can enjoy so much feeling and passion about football.

Here, we continue to introduce top the most prestigious events for your reference.

4, Africa Cup of Nations

Africa is famous in the world with love for football so much. 

Furthermore, quality of African football has been increased dramatically in the recent time. Because there are many African footballers to be franchised or employed to the European with high value. They are also highly appreciated by good skills and strong energy.

Africa Cup of Nations is the most successful football event of this continent. At there, they collect top the best footballers around the Africa to express and exchange skills and challenges. 

During history of Africa Cup, Egypt is the most successful team when they have ever won 7 titles. Although South-Africa is the most successful team in the international field when they have ever joined World Cup in several times.

The fact that, Africa Cup has some flaws about timetable. This time is a big drawback for many players who are playing at foreign tournaments. They will comeback their nation to join Africa cup without having good choice to play for their clubs.

5, UEFA Europa League

This event is successor from the UEFA Cup. However, it is less famous and glamorous.

With expectation to have more opportunities for clubs in the Euro to brighten up and develop stronger, they have decided to organize UEFA Europa League annually.

The UEFA Europa League is the much-maligned successor to the UEFA Cup.

There are many clubs from other nations in the Western to be successful at there, like Chelsea, Atletico Madrid, Porto.