Casemiro helped put Real Madrid to the top of the table

Midfielder Casemiro scored both goals when Real beat Sevilla 2-1 in round 20 of La Liga on January 18.

The match between the second and fourth place teams was intense. As the host, but Real only accounts for 54% of possession. Meanwhile, Sevilla has many situations that threaten goal keeper Thibaut Courtois, an unrecognized goal and a 1-1 goal. Real took three points mainly thanks to two flashy moments of Casemiro, who played in a defensive midfielder position.

The midfield set up to help Real win is becoming familiar, especially when the frontline lacks many important players. Due to injuries, Eden Hazard and Gareth Bale have not been able to play yet. Karim Benzema also only came in from the middle of the second half. This is why Zinedine Zidane coach Lucas Vazquez started with Luka Jovic and Rodrygo.

Still, Real is making a difference by individuals who know how to turn the game around. Casemiro did this in the 57th minute with the opener. After receiving Jovic’s heel strike, the Brazilian midfielder went down to the ball to cross the goalkeeper Vaclik.

After the opening goal, Casemiro also played a hero with a goal to set the victory in the 69th minute. Sevilla’s defense was not tight, leaving the Brazilian midfielder comfortably headed in the middle of the box after a cross from the right.

Between the two tables of Casemiro, Sevilla equalized a goal thanks to De Jong. This is also a rare mistake moment of Varane defender – Militao. El Haddadi fell, but promptly pushed the ball to De Jong into the penalty area and shot into the far corner to beat Courtois.

The goal from De Jong’s curling shot was the 13th Real goal in 20 matches from the beginning of the La Liga season. Compared to Atletico Madrid, the team with the best clean sheet, the Bernabeu hosts only one more goal.

After the only mistake, Real crafts were reorganized enough to protect the results. In addition, the midfield also maintained the pressure and adjusted the tempo of the match, contributing to making Casemiro a hero.

Winning an important match, Real climbed to the top with a distance of three points more than Barca. In the late match against Granada, Barca need to win to regain the number one position. In this match, coach Quique Setien will debut the fans after replacing Ernesto Valverde.







Man Utd face fierce schedule in the first month of 2020

Ole Gunnar Solskjaer’s teachers and students are likely to have to play eight matches in 25 days.

After the Wolves draw on 4/1 in the third round of the FA Cup, Man Utd had three days off before the match against Man City in the first leg of the League Cup first leg. On 11/1, they will play round 22 of the English Premier League with Norwich City. And then, on January 14 or January 15, they had to replay the FA Cup third round against Wolves.

The series of torture matches with Man Utd will continue with two Premier League matches against Liverpool (January 19) and Burnley (January 22). If they enter the fourth round of the FA Cup, they will play a match on January 25 or January 26. On January 29, Man Utd will play the semi-final second leg of the English League Cup.

In December 2019, Solskjaer teachers and students each experienced the same schedule with nine matches in 30 days. The density of the pitch makes the team almost overloaded, leading to fatigue and disturbance of the squad.

Besides fitness, injury is also a problem for Man Utd. Due to thigh pain, midfielder Harry Maguire is unlikely to play the first leg of the League Cup semi-final against Man City. Midfielder Paul Pogba was also unable to play due to an ankle injury surgery.

Man Utd’s crisis of forces before the match against Man City

A series of Man Utd players are unlikely to play the first leg of the League Cup against Man City today 7/1.

Man Utd has two players who must treat long-term injuries, Paul Pogba and Scott McTominay. In addition, Jesse Lingard, Anthony Martial and Luke Shaw are not sure to recover. On January 4, during the Wolves draw in the FA Cup, the three players were absent due to physical problems.

In defense, Man Utd is also facing a difficult choice related to Harry Maguire. In the Wolves draw, the world’s most expensive defender suffered a thigh injury. Man Utd will play the semi-final first leg on the evening of 7/1 at home. On January 29, in the second leg, the two teams will meet again on the pitch of Man City.












The rules of the Champions League you should know when betting

The Champions League has very strict competition rules. These can be described as 1 red card – banning 3 matches, 2 yellow cards in 2 different matches – banning 1 match. You need to know these rules to see if the players you follow have encountered any fouls.

In addition, once a yellow card penalty will greatly affect a player’s psychology of play. They will always remind themselves that they only need one yellow card for the next match, they will not be able to participate. Especially for defenders, this situation is even more dangerous, he may not dare to confront the striker in front of him to stop a goal simply because he is afraid of being “whistled”.

Coach’s strategy

In the round of 16 Champions League team, the physical and mental of the players is still an important dominant part in the outcome of the victory. But the deeper, the closer to the destination, then the strategy of the coach is the decisive factor.

Although there is not much time, until the Champions League has 8 games, you have to spend time analyzing the favorite tricks of the leader who helped the team to stay current. The strategy of the strategist has enough strategy, the courage to lead the team to reach the highest peak in the Champions League.

If you have enough time, you should carefully study the teams through each Champions League season before. Thereby having a more general view as Liverpool and Chelsea will often go further than the round of 16 teams; Porto, Galatasaray, Shakhtar Donetsk qualifying was lucky.

Then you will discover names like Steaua Bucuresti, PSV, Ajax or Marseille that have ever won, do not be too surprised. Because the nature of football is unexpected, the Champions League is even more unpredictable.

In general, each football season, each stage of football background will have its own characteristics. But the above 7 notes are the most basic things for a player to bet on UEFA Champions League. In addition, you should also invest in choosing a reputable dealer to deposit.

The online bookmaker 188Bet, W88, 12Bet, M88 are the best suggestions for you, always have a link to the safe betting website which is constantly updated. With the above experience, hope you will have a UEFA Champions League betting season to make a lot of money.











Experience when betting on UEFA Champions League (Part 2)

You can choose a sports newspaper or a reputable betting house, which is always updated with the latest and accurate information about the teams. It could be the starting line-up, the injured player, or the suspension due to the accumulation of two yellow cards that made the key talents unable to play in the next match.

Consider whether it reduces the team’s chances of winning, affecting how to adjust your bet accordingly. Stay tuned to the end so that no sudden changes will rob you of your win.

The results of the team’s domestic competition also affect the results of betting money

That team’s performance in domestic leagues is also important, because if they play poorly in a parallel tournament, the Champions League will no longer be a top priority. Even if they are in the top 3 of domestic leagues, you have to pay a little attention to their recent matches.

For example, a few days ago when they had just had a tough battle with a heavy opponent that consumed a lot of energy, it is very likely that in the short time the players can not recover in time to perform well in the upcoming Champions League.

And let’s not forget the exceptions, the big teams like Barcelona, ​​Manchester United, Chelsea and Bayern Munich are completely capable of playing enthusiastically until the end of the season of the big leagues going on in parallel.

The venue is a certain stadium, which is also a factor that governs the outcome of the match. Usually a team will be much more comfortable playing at home, because here they have the 12th player that is a passionate home supporter. In the Champions League, there are always fierce confrontation teams, “rivals”, who hate to be guests on the opponent’s court.

Especially for the cases where the fans have a hostile attitude, threatening a certain player. For example, when the player Luis Figo came to play on the Nou Camp after a transfer from Barcelona, ​​he was under great pressure to play because the fans criticized him. “Government” stadiums such as Old Trafford, Camp Nou or Anfield, the away team can hope for nothing more than a draw. Holding peace was a great comfort.










Experience when betting on UEFA Champions League (Part 1)

Join the online football betting entertainment you definitely cannot ignore the UEFA Champions League, one of the largest football competitions on the planet.

The betting experience of UEFA Champions League making money is always rampant on the internet, but finding the exact winner is not easy. Especially with the Champions League, where always bring the fiery match can not take your eyes. Just a few seconds can make the ball into the history of world football.

From last season, players of online football betting have been admired through the unpredictable situation of the Champions League.

When AC Milan defeated Barcelona 2-0, the following match Barcelona knocked out AC Milan 4-0. Players who can expect Barca to lose at the San Siro and then create a rain of goals at the Camp Nou. Not to mention the relentless sweep of Bayern Munich in both the Champions League and the Bundesliga.

Anyone who had expected them to be exhausted, used all their luck in the previous season, eventually had to lose. It is difficult to find the highest position of this tournament, but it is not impossible if you know how to “scan” information from reputable bookmakers such as 188Bet, W88, 12Bet, M88.

The following UEFA Champions League betting experiences are the studies and observations that are made by professional betting players across the seasons. Read the booklet to apply to increase your online betting winnings.

There are many different betting experiences, so you should try to practice and learn gradually to improve your bet ability.

You will not be able to win long term without knowing the team you will bet. So the first problem is that you should find out all the information related to the team you are interested in, make sure all the changes of each player in hand.

Be aware that in UEFA rules, teams in the Champions League can only register 25 players. When the team you are watching qualifies for, you will have to revise a series of registered players to see if they can play in the next match. The players may be injured, yellow cards, suspended but unable to play. These factors will change your online betting decision.





16 teams in the 1/8 Champions League round

Spain and England both preserve their forces, as each country has four teams that qualify for the Champions League group stage.

The Champions League group stage closed on the evening of December 11, with eight leading teams each: Barca, Bayern Munich, Juventus, Leipzig, Liverpool, Man City, PSG and Valencia. Eight second-placed teams also followed in the eighth round: Atalanta, Borussia Dortmund, Chelsea, Lyon, Napoli, Real Madrid, Atletico Madrid and Tottenham.

16 teams from five countries, also the five most powerful football backgrounds in Europe. In particular, the United Kingdom and Spain have four representatives from each country. Meanwhile, Germany and Italy have three teams, and France are two teams.

The rule of the draw for the 1/8 round is the teams in the first group meet the second group. In addition, teams from the same country, or each competing in the group stage, will not be able to meet.

Accordingly, Real is the team most at risk. The five opponents they could face: Juventus, Bayern, Leipzig, Liverpool and Man City. Barca can touch Atalanta, Chelsea, Lyon, Napoli and Tottenham. Meanwhile, potential rivals Liverpool are Real, Atalanta, Atletico, Dortmund, Lyon.

The draw will take place on Monday 16/12. The series of matches played on February 18, February 19 and February 25, February 26, 2020. The second round takes place on 10/3, 11/3 and 17/3, 18/3.

“We will eliminate Liverpool”

Real Madrid coach Zinedine Zidane said half jokingly about the possibility of meeting Liverpool in the 1/8 Champions League round.

When asked about his ability to meet Liverpool, Zidane smiled and replied: “If we play with Liverpool, we will eliminate them. What else can we do with the lottery?”

Liverpool is one of five teams capable of meeting Real in the 1/8 round of the Champions League, alongside Bayern, Juventus, Man City and Leipzig. Of these, Leipzig is the team considered “easier” than for the former champion.

In the Champions League this season, Real is progressing slowly after a bad start. From losing to PSG 0-3 and drawing Brugge 2-2, they could win second place in Group A and tickets to the 1/8 round. In the last match, on the field of Brugge, Real won 3-1.

The victory of Brugge 3-1 also recorded Luka Jovic the rare starting kick, replacing Karim Benzema. The new Serbian rookie has only one goal and has not completely adapted to Real.









Arsenal dropped to 10th in the Premier League

Arsenal lost 1-2 at home to Brighton, who had just three consecutive defeats, in the round of 15 Premier League on 5/12 evening.

The team of interim coach Freddie Ljungberg struggled in the first half, as Brighton increasingly played the beat. In the middle of the first half, Maupay and Davy Propper constantly had the opportunity to threaten goal keeper Bernd Leno.

Brighton took the lead after 36 minutes, when Arsenal failed to break a corner. Adam Webster took full advantage of the opportunity with a powerful shot to defeat Leno.

Arsenal played the best at the end of the first half and early second half. As injured after the first goal, the home team swept in an overwhelming attack. After goalkeeper Matt Ryan twice brilliantly blocked Joe Willock’s header in the 40th minute, Arsenal got a goal from another Lacazette header early in the second half.

The equalizer helps lift the spirits, and they create at least two other opportunities but do not take advantage of success. In particular, the referee refused to recognize David Luiz’s goal after consulting VAR.

Not knowing how to find their way into Brighton’s goal, their defense was indecisive. In the 80th minute, Maupay headed down Leno to bring a 2-1 victory to Brighton.

This result raised Arsenal’s unbeaten streak to 9 – something that never happened to them in 1977. The Emirates Stadium team also dropped to 10th, with 19 points – 10 points less than the Top 4 and just more at risk of relegation five points.


Arsenal (4-3-3): Leno; Bellerin, Sokratis, Luiz, Kolasinac (Tierney 72); Xhaka; Torreira, Willock (Pepe 46); Ozil, Aubameyang, Lacazette (Martinelli 77)

Brighton (4-1-2-1-2): Ryan; Alzate (Duffy 88), Webster, Dunk, Burn; Propper, Stephens, Mooy; Gross (Trossard 80); Connolly (Montoya 76), Maupay

Other teams

Man City are 14 points behind Liverpool, after 16 rounds of the Premier League. Never hope for the third consecutive championship of teachers and Guardiola narrow today. In that situation, the Champions League is said to be the option for City to put more strength.

In Group C Champions League, they soon won the right to the eighth round and the leading position. The last match, as a guest on Dinamo Zagreb on 11/12, is only meaningful procedure for the English champions.









Benzema scored more goals than Di Stefano in the Champions League

Karim Benzema surpassed the legendary Di Stefano, becoming the third highest scorer for Real in the Champions League.

Two goals in the match against Galatasaray 6-0 on 6/11 helped Benzema reach a new milestone in his career. The French striker had 50 goals, surpassing Di Stefano’s 49 goals. Two goals against the Turkish team also helped Benzema become the second player, after Lionel Messi, to score in 15 consecutive Champions League seasons.

At Real, Benzema is third in the club’s list of best strikers in the Champions League. Cristiano Ronaldo leads the way with 105 goals while Raul is second with 66 goals.

However, Benzema played 96 games to reach the 50-goal mark while Di Stefano needed only 58 games to have 49 goals. Compared to the Argentinian legend, Benzema has scored more away goals (22 versus 9).

Real won jubilantly at the Bernabeu at home to Galatasaray. Young talent Rodrygo scored twice in the first seven minutes before Sergio Ramos scored on the spot. Rodrygo assisted Benzema in the fourth goal before scoring a 6-0 victory for Zinedine Zidane’s army.

Real are second in Group A with 7 points after 4 matches. They are 5 points behind the top team PSG and 5 points better than the third team Club Brugge.

Benzema never thought he would score 50 goals for Real in Europe

Karim Benzema striker was modest after scoring the 50th goal for Real in the Champions League.

The double against Galatasaray was Benzema’s 49th and 50th goals in the Champions League for Real. In the history of the club, the French striker’s achievement surpassed one goal compared to the legendary Di Stefano, and was second only to Cristiano Ronaldo (105) and Raul Gonzalez (66 goals).

Benzema has joined Real since 2009, alongside Ronaldo and Kaka. After 10 years, he had 231 goals in 479 matches for the Bernabeu team.

From 2018, after Ronaldo left, Benzema became the main striker of Real. He is gradually supporting two rookies Eden Hazard and Rodrygo in the integration with the play.









Pulisic set a record in the Champions League

Participating in the Chelsea 4-4 draw, midfielder Christian Pulisic became the most played American in the Champions League.

The night of 5/11 was Pulisic’s 24th match in the Champions League. The 21-year-old midfielder has 22 times to play in Europe’s most prestigious arena in Dortmund colors. He left the German club in the summer of 2019 to join Chelsea for a fee of $ 75 million.

The second match in the Champions League for Chelsea helped Pulisic break the record of compatriot Jermaine Jones, who played 23 games in this arena for Schalke and Leverkusen. DaMarcus Beasley ranked third in the list of Americans playing in the Champions League, with 22 appearances for PSV and Rangers.

The more Pulisic plays, the more effective he is in Chelsea colors

In the match against Ajax, Pulisic made a mark when he brought in a penalty in the fifth minute, helping Jorginho equalize 1-1 for Chelsea. The home side were then 4-1 down by Ajax, but kicked off in the last 30 minutes to equalize 4-4. Chelsea, Ajax and Valencia all got seven points after four matches in Group H, while Lille got one.

Pulisic has scored twice in the Champions League, both in Dortmund. The US midfielder scored four goals in Chelsea’s last two Premier League matches, including the perfect hat-trick against Burnley. In that match, Pulisic scored with his left foot, his right leg and his head. He was the youngest Chelsea player to set up a hat-trick in an official match. This football striker is said to be full of energy, plays quite well and supposed to get further in his career.

After the Ajax draw, Chelsea will stay at Stamford Bridge at home on 9/11, Frank Lampard’s teachers and students are currently ranked fourth in the Premier League, equaling the points of the third team Leicester and two points behind Manchester City. Let’s wait to see the result of this competitive match!







Ronaldo helped Juventus win against Genoa

Cristiano Ronaldo scored a penalty in the fifth minute of extra time, helping Juventus beat Genoa 2-1 in round 10 of Serie A on October 30.

If Juventus does not win against Genoa, Ronaldo is still the focus of the match. The Portuguese striker missed many delicious opportunities in the match that Juventus played more than the people from 51 minutes to 87 minutes. In the second half, Ronaldo sometimes stood still on the field because he was too disappointed with the finish of the game. yourself. Even so, he still affirmed the value of a star in the last minute of extra time.

After the goal missed goal, Ronaldo still calm enough to make a difference in the remaining few minutes. Receiving the ball in the box, the Juventus star swung the ball in the opposite direction of the defender’s opponent. Ronaldo fell right after being hit by the Genoa defender, bringing a penalty for the home team. From a distance of 11 meters, he made no mistakes, setting the victory for Juventus.

The opening goal was not enough to help Juventus finish the first half with a lead. Genoa equalized in 41 minutes thanks to the lucky phase of striker Kouame. The ball from his right foot smashed to the left and went into the net against Juventus while goalkeeper Gianluigi Buffon missed the momentum.

Referee Antonio Giua is famously strict in Italy, and he showed it at the beginning of the second half. In a non-dangerous situation in the middle of the pitch, Genoa midfielder Cassata pulled Paulo Dybala’s shirt slightly. Mr. Giua immediately drew a second yellow card and then a red card, kicking Cassata off the field in the 51st minute. Since then, Juventus has been constantly firing the visitors’ goal.

After the Lecce 1-1 draw in the previous round, Juventus faced the risk of losing a second match in a row when Adrien Rabiot also received the second yellow card to leave the field in the 87th minute. But when the hope of victory seemed to be off, Ronaldo scored the fifth goal in eight matches this season, bringing the 2-1 victory to the top of the Serie A table for Juventus. After 10 rounds, the Turin team has 26 points, one more than Inter.